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E-Filing Updates

This e-Filing resource was developed by SCAO in collaboration with Michigan Legal Help.

Read this article to find out which courts are using e-Filing and to access resources for filers.

MiFILE Is Available in Three More Courts

As of November 2019, three more courts are using MiFILE for some types of cases. These courts are:

If you are filing in one of these courts and do not have a lawyer, e-Filing is not required. However, you can still choose e-Filing instead of paper filing. You can learn about MiFILE on the Michigan Courts website’s Filer Information page. You can also read the MiFILE Quick Reference Guide: Filer Experience. Michigan Legal Help will have more information about e-Filing available before the end of the year.

E-Filing is required for lawyers in these courts.

Other Trial Courts Using MiFILE

The following courts were the first in Michigan to make e-Filing available for some types of filings:

In the 13th Circuit Court, e-Filing is only required for lawyers. In the other circuits, e-Filing is required for lawyers and non-lawyers alike, but only for certain types of filings. Visit the Michigan Courts website to learn what types of filings must be e-Filed in these counties. For court-specific information in one of the circuits above, click on the court’s name to be connected to their e-Filing information pages. The MiFILE Quick Reference Guide: Filer Experience may also be helpful in these courts, but some screens may look different at this time.