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Working with PDF Files

What Is a PDF File?

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. PDFs are usually used for documents that are only intended to be read, not edited. These files will have .PDF at the end. These are different from .DOC files. .DOC files come from word processors and can be opened, changed, and saved again. The image below shows a “File Explorer” screen with a few different file types. In this screen the Motion and Notice of Hearing files are PDFs.

File Explorer screen with a few different file types
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Making a PDF File or Splitting a Single PDF Into Multiple Documents

Many of the documents created by Michigan Legal Help Do-It-Yourself tools are PDF files. This means that, often, documents that you create using these tools will be ready to download as a PDF file. Read the section above to learn how to find out if a file is a PDF.

You may also have a Word document, photo, or other file that you need to make into a PDF. In other situations, you may have a single PDF file with several pages that you need to split up into separate documents. There are a few ways you can do these things.